Tuesday, March 10, 2015

School Canteen's - Join the movement to make them healthier!

Jemima in year 6

It's been a long time since I did the last Tasty Tuesday's Tuckshop and even longer since the last O'Yum lunch (which was the very first Tuckshop experiment at Glenmore Rd Public School when Jemima was in year 2 or maybe 3?).

 O'Yum Lunch where all kids ate the same and if they tried to eat/finish their salad and returned their bamboo plates for using the following week they got a homemade fruit icy pole.
it took a team of very organised mums all I did was cook!

My Goal then and now was to let these kids have one exceptional meal a day. Organic, pesticide free, high in good fats, nutritious and 100% homemade.
It was a major success and now I see there is a movement in overhauling school canteens around the country. Get onboard and help our kids have better food choices in their canteens.
Back in 2011...
The kids at our school have proven that they all have great taste in food!
Our Tuckshop's a huge success! Everything has run super smoothly for the last 2 weeks, thanks to some super organised mums.

The food is delicious, thanks to my right hand man (lady) Daniella who once again made the delish pasta. Kaye for juicing those 15 kilos of apples and then pouring over 200 icy poles - Legend! And Saskia for helping me make the last sausage rolls. It was way more fun having someone to chat with, while working in my kitchen.
My Bone Broth for the whole school
Anyway as promised, photos...
I was lucky enough to have bribed a friend to come and take some photo’s (thanks Renee), his payment being a brownie and smoothie – not sure who got the better deal?!

Bulk Beetroot pureed for our gluten free, refined sugar free brownies.
 Also it’s not like me to beat around the bush, so I’m going to lay it on the line… Our tuckshop needs a cooker! (stole that word from Kaye) the one we have at school sucks, big time! I’ve been doing all the cooking from home in my crappy oven – basically the one at school doesn’t work and if we want this tuckshop to continue, we are going to need a new (or pre loved) gas cooker. So if anyone has one hiding in their garage or better still they can get a deal somewhere (we have very limited funding at school for this kind of thing), can you contact me???

freshly popped corn with butter and himalayan salt

Smoothies made with whole yogurt, whole unhomoginised full fat milk and frozen organic berries, sweetened with a little honey

Bone Broth and iggy's were a hit!

Homemade sausage rolls full of veggies and organic mince made by me 

©Michelle Schoeps 2015
All photos taken by Michelle Schoeps


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