Sunday, September 9, 2012

The real day 9

I departed my travel buddies today to finish my last 4 nights in Paris.
The hotel of choice is Hotel Saint Germain in rue De Bac and it is heavenly.

This time I am on the other side of Saint Germain des pres, so I get to explore a completely different part of my favourite area.
Next stop on my list was Le Bon Marche, not only am I on the hunt for a party dress for frank 
but also I wanted to check out the food - dah!
I was in Le Bon Marche supermarket heaven and starving - not such a good combination.
I bought half the store and that was just for lunch - lugged my shopping back to my room and began the pain staking task of eating it all!
Then it was back out for round two.
That's correct. I went back! Just to make sure I hadn't forgotten anything.
Later, after an afternoon siesta I headed off for a solo dinner at Cafe de flore In search of the perfect omelet.
I have not one word to describe.
Followed by my fifth coffee of the day

And my travel companion (Paws) helped me eat cake too!

©Michelle Schoeps 2013
All photos taken by Michelle Schoeps

Friday, September 7, 2012

Paris Day 8

 The fun continued, as did the walking and the eating.
Miss you two already!


 ©Michelle Schoeps 2013
All photos taken by Michelle Schoeps

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Paris days 6 & 7

Well I've got to say ladies, these last 5 days have been real!
We have walked fast and far from one side of Paris to the other - several times a day. Shopped and explored and eaten every chance they would give me.
Mrs Morton has photographed me in many compromising food situation and we have laughed and laughed so hard it could've almost been embarrassing.
Sophie you are a saint. It's a miracle you've been able to put up with us - your patience alone is testament to what a good sort you are!

Here is Day 6 & 7 of our Paris trip. 
Day's 8 & 9 will be next.


©Michelle Schoeps 2013
All photos taken by Michelle Schoeps