Wednesday, May 30, 2012

LA - Day One

I just spent 6 delicious days in LA. Just me and my boyfriend. We ate, I instagramed, 
we walked, shopped, slept and talked - momentarily forgetting about our life in Sydney. It was much needed and well deserved and so much fun!
 I took so many pictures, so I've decided to break this post up into 6 separate ones.
More of a personal diary of our adventure, for the kids (oneday). The bits I'm willing to share with you and them. It was this and so much more!
We'd left the kids in the more than capable hands of my best friend's nanny, Pennie. I had flown her down from Byron to stay and watch and love our kids for a week. She was incredible. The Pen was very zen! It made it all the easier getting on that plane and leaving, knowing they were in the best and calmest hands possible.

My first taste of freedom in 13 years, I was more than ready.
It was kind of a spure of the moment thing,  Max had a week free (he'd been shooting in Mexico), so he suggested we meet in LA for a week - just the two of us, no kids.
He picked me up from the airport. We had planned on hiring a car, but as luck would have it Max left his licence at home(this was no surprise) and it turned out to be a blessing. We would walk most of the time and cab when we needed to,good way of balancing out how much we were going to eat and lots of time to just wander.
Day 1 - Santa Monica
We headed to our hotel the Shangri-La (which is our personal favourite), I got us a great deal through this site
After checking in and putting our bags down, we headed down to the Santa Monica farmers market which our room just happened to be over looking.
I'm a farmers market obssessie...the produce was incredible the berries to die for....
And then on the way out this little indiscerning cake and cookie stall, where I spotted a chocolate chip cookie. Somethings Americans do better than anyone and this just happens to be one of them, COOKIES! Looking back I should have bought 2 cookies, but you just never know when somethings going to be insane or just OK.
This was the blow your mind kind of cookie - chocolate chip, nuts and hickory salt.
 No words!
We jumped in a cab and headed down to our favourite spot, Abbott Kinney Blvd in Venice Beach. Everything is good down there, food and shopping. Definitely where we'd reside if living in LA.
First stop Itelligentsia Coffee.
Best coffee in LA period! And the cutest staff, gay or straight.
 Second stop was lunch at our favourite restaurant Gjelina. It seems since we were here last, that its also everyone elses favourite. So we waited and we waited....and then I was sick of waiting so I had words - stern words with the very lovely waitress. That I was off a plane from Australia, starving and as there were many spare tables, that we would happily sit anywhere - done! Now lets order.
As I was away I let loose and ordered alcoholic beverages.If you don't know, I don't drink. Not because I'm a recovering alcoholic, but simply because I don't like the taste or the funny feeling I get in my legs.Strange, I know, but I come from a long line of non drinking women.
I took over the ordering of food, as was always going to happen.
Mussels - chorizo - tomato - chilli - white wine served with grilled bread....(and the extra loaf I ordered after to soak up every last drop of that sauce)unbelievable!!!
The Artichokes with Burratta and pistachio pesto were also delicious, but once I'd tasted the mussels it wasn't getting another look.
I waddled out of there totally content and ready for a little retail therapy. The shops down Abbott Kinney are the best of the best, not high end at all but very me.
 I'm kind of obsessed with kitchen/homewares, Max would fight to differ this, as he thinks our house is not very stylish, just messy. I would say its alot of really nice things, chaotically placed and piled.
Anyway we stumbled across this shop'Huset'mostly Swedish designers and this blanket caught my eye, the most beautiful blanket I'd ever seen. So I sent Max off for a half hour massage so I could drop some dough without any guilt.
On the way back to our hotel a quick bypass to  Wholefoods - I could spend hours and hours in that place!
Our first day was a big one....lots of walking and eating. Just being, which for me was a real treat.

Capped off with a few drinks at the bar in our hotel and then the best night sleep I'd had in 13years!

©Michelle Schoeps 2013
All photos taken by Michelle Schoeps

Thursday, May 24, 2012


A little something I threw together with the help of Josh and Malcie. Oh and the best song ever 'Cool Ice Cream' by Eddy Currant Suppression Ring .
The next Hello Naomi class is this Saturday at The School - not to be missed - so much fun!!

©Michelle Schoeps 2013
All photos taken by Michelle Schoeps
 Music by Eddy Current Suppression Ring
If you haven't seen the post on Hello Naomi's cupcake class you can view it here

Friday, May 4, 2012

No, I have not stopped cooking nor fallen off the face of the earth - I have merely had a few hiccups in my little blogging world....

(photo's above are of the view from the holiday house)
To start I've lost the charger for my camera. I think that may have happened when we went away to Berry, so my camera's been dead for weeks. I'd been lucky to borrow Max's for the cupcake class and tonight he kindly decided to loan me one of his camera's(indefinitely)or until my new charger turns up.

And then the photo editing site I use, closed! So inconsiderate. Anyway I'm waiting for this other one to open - hopefully any day now.
In the mean time I've become addicted to Instagram - I'm in my own personal instagram bubble.

And last but definitely not least, I'm going to L.A for a week of R&E (resting and eating), no kids - can you believe it?
I will be sure to photograph everything I eat either on Instagram or on my camera and document all my adventures - So excited! 

 Until then, check this out - the soon to be coolest fashion blog to come out of Sydney

©Michelle Schoeps 2013
All photos taken by Michelle Schoeps