Sunday, September 8, 2013

rhubarb cacao raspberry

I love a challenge. If one of my children refuses to eat something that's good for them, I'll make it my goal to get it into them in a sneaky delicious way.

Frank and eggs are not friends. So I've made it my mission to get them into her no matter what.
I've been known to add a raw egg yolk or two to smoothies or 'chocolate' milkshakes when she'll drink them. This week I was trying to think of nutrient dense yummy 'sweet' treats that would appeal to all three of my kids for afternoon tea, something that will get them through their homework and give them energy all the way till dinner.

My kids love chocolate mousse and jelly and frank likes custard (she just doesn't know it). So I thought I'd experiment with a vanilla and chocolate custard set like jelly with strawberries and raspberries on top who wouldn't like that?! 
My first batch went down a treat, the consistency of mousse with just a hint of sweetness and then tart strawberries and raspberries to finish it off. That was the test, the kids like them I'll put the recipe on my blog.

For our next go Frank suggested we put a layer of mushy sour raspberry on the bottom of the cup then the cacao (chocolate) custard mousse, let that set completely then finish with a layer of jelly, I decided it would be sour rhubarb jelly to cut the richness of the chocolate.
She is a girl after my own heart!

I made the custard from a recipe of Stephanie Alexander which I posted here.
I like her custard because it's has lots of egg yolks and it's relatively runny which works well when you're adding gelatine to set it. 
I substituted the sugar for rice malt and maple, you could also use cane sugar but only 3 tablespoons of one
*tip after I've made my custard I always pass it through a sieve - we don't want any bits of egg or         vanilla pods in our smooth creamy custard

If you're making the two tone custard you do this

make the custard as per the recipe then split the custard into two
putting half into a bowl and adding 2 tablespoons of cacao sifted and 1 tablespoon of maple syrup and whisk really well - this is for your chocolate custard

In a measuring jug put 100ml of the slightly cooled cacao custard and 1/2 - 3/4  tablespoon of great lakes unflavoured gelatine and whisk well so its very well combined (no lumps)
then warm the remaining cacao custard by stirring continuously till hot and then add it directly to the cacao custard with the added gelatine and whisk again thoroughly so its mixed really well (I pass it through a sieve because I'm a perfectionist

repeat the same process when adding the gelatine to the plain vanilla custard

pour this cacao custard into glasses and pop into the fridge - give them 30 min and then repeat the process with the other custard and then leave in the fridge till set.
if you're impatient waiting for it to set, like me, just pour the vanilla custard over the top and it should turn out something like mine.

top them with fresh strawberries and frozen raspberries bits.

for the frankie's version

start by warming and mashing 1 cup of frozen raspberries in a pot until syrupy - I added a teaspoon of honey to sweeten it a bit

whilst that's cooling make your custard 

once cooked and thicken just slightly add 2 sifted tablespoons of cacao powder and an extra tablespoon of maple to it and whisk well

add 1 tablespoon of gelatine to the custard and mix really well - remember no lumps
if you're not sure pass it through a sieve

now in a glass or bowl put a tablespoon or two of raspberry on the bottom, followed by the custard/mousse so that it's filled halfway - put them in the fridge to set

now for the jelly
I made these a couple of posts back, super simple and very good for you recipe is here

I bought some rhubarb from the market this morning which will be perfect for this jelly

*all I did was chop the rhubarb up, poured 600ml of water, 2 - 3 tablespoons of honey, the zest of one
  orange and the juice of half an orange
  bring to the boil then simmered it for 30min
  strain and softly push all the liquid out of the mushy rhubarb, it will be clear and pink and gorgeous.
  then follow my jelly recipe and you're ready to put the final layer on your custard

let the jelly cool but not solidify and once your custard is set pour your cooled jelly into each glass and leave in the fridge till set firm.

eat for breakfast, afternoon tea or dessert - my kids aren't picky
This recipe is a labour of love and there are lots of different elements to it but so worth every spoonful.
And can I just say my daughter is a genius these tasted so good, I think we made a good team. x

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All recipes and photos by Michelle Schoeps