Friday, August 31, 2012

Paris Day 2

Chausson aux pommes

I woke at 5am this morning. By 7.30 I had ventured out to get some breakfast at the local boulangerie.
The goal today was to see as many things as possible without having to communicate - in fear of total humiliation at not being able to speak their language!
So that's exactly what I did. The man at my hotel highlighted a very simple route for me to follow for the majority of the day.
See lots, speak little!

And try really hard not to get lost.
I walked and I walked and I walked and I walked, till I could'nt walk anymore.
I saw things that were of beauty I can not begin to describe, really beautiful. Until you see them for yourself it is hard to believe this is all real. How does a city stay this beautiful? How does it smell beautiful (with the exception of the cigarette smoke),how does everyone look so good and the food - I have no words.
I love this small pocket of Paris, I could fit right in here - Babe lets get really rich and move?
When my feet could no longer walk another step, I high tailed it back to my hotel, for my new room was awaiting me.
And the room with a view is exactly that it is heaven, I love this hotel, then again I love Paris!
I'm in the room above - open windows
I unpacked again, got cosy, posted some photo's on Instagram and then decided I couldn't just sit here waiting for it to get dark (which at the moment doesn't happen till 9.30-10).
I'd been snacking all day, crepe's near the Eiffel Tower, baguette with Camembert & lettuce from Paul on the Champs Elysee's.
This was followed by my first French Onion soup at Cafe De Florewashed down with a very strong Pimms.
This soup was life changing, it was magic! Caramelised onions and soggy put firmish bread soaking in the most insane oniony beefy broth covered in a thick and oozing layer of greyer cheese which was crunchy on the rims of the bowl need I say more!
After this I wandered again still trying to find my bearing's(I figure walking around getting lost then trying to find my way back is the only way for me).I stumbled upon another Patisserie which I could not resistI could have eaten the whole shop (if there was any room left in my tummy)but what caught my eye was a Nectarine and Pistachio tart - obviously popular as there wasn't much left and a Raspberry tart (I have a MAJOR thing for Raspberries). Both came home with me. I was eating them for dinner, or at least that's what I thought!
I made my way back to my room (again), Instagramed (again), then thought cheese,
I need cheese!
So off I went again in search of some french cheese. I could have gone to any monoprix (supermarket) and found good cheese but I was pointed in the direction of a little Parisian cheese store close to where I ate breakfast.
'Androuet Fromager'
I stumbled in in hopes someone could speak a little english and was in the middle of explaining my stupidity when out from the back I hear an Australian voice - phew thank god, someone I can explain my stupidity too!
She helped me pick the most incredible raw milk cheese. I asked for stinky she gave me a washed rind that she suggested I get une demi baguette aux sesame (half a sesame baguette)and bring the cheese to room temp then scoop it out with a spoon and eat it with the baguette. To accompany this a milder goats which was firm on the outside but crumbly and sticky on the inside - a perfect match.
I ate them both and my cakes, I was stuffed. Thank god I walked for 5 hours!

Day 3 has just begun.x

 ©Michelle Schoeps 2013
All photos taken by Michelle Schoeps


  1. gorgeous photos... I was in paris 2 weeks ago..wish i was still there!!
    I loved a restaurant called le relais de l'entrecote at 20, rue Saint-BenoƮt, saint germain. They only serve steak and fries with an amazing sauce... and a salad to start. You should go (only if you like steak though!)