Saturday, September 1, 2012

Paris Day 3

If it weren't for the fact that Megan and Sophie's plane is delayed this post might have been coming a little later in the day.
I was suppose to be at the airport awaiting their arrival at 8 to hop on the train to Lile, but that will happen a little later.
So let's reminisce about yesterday...

The day started early as it has everyday (around 5.30am).
I decided I would have breakfast bought to my room. Naomi had insisted that it was something not to be missed while staying here.
I rang downstairs to order it and was told,"Madame the croissant and fresh bread has not arrived yet!" In Paris everything is fresh, the croissant is crumbly,soft and buttery and the bread the same  lets just say breakfast was insane - my perfect breakfast eaten in bed while writing yesterday's post, I could get very used to this!
It ended up being a late start, after a skype with my baby boy - whom informed me that he wants to come live with 'my new' family in Paris, it was time to finish what I started the day before - well so I thought.
Again the man downstairs mapped out my journey It looked pretty straight forward to me...up the river, cross the bridge and there we have Notre Dame.So I'm walking and walking so much to look at, beauty everywhere and then I turn right into what I think looks like Notre Dame and I walk and I stop at a food shop where I eat the most moreish rosti ever, 
with goats cheese cooked into the bottom of the potato, and then I walk some more and then I think, shit I'm lost! Not unhappy to be lost or freaked out in the least, just lost. So I text ilona she'll know where I am....
I'd done a circle and ended up where I began, I thought the shops were familiar!
So finally I found it - across the river.
Nothing prepares you for the beauty and enormity of these buildings, they are simply breathtaking, a part of my history.
Then I walked along in search of the Louvre. Unsure of what to expect. It almost finished me off - it was an out of body experience. All by myself, I walked through the grounds and was physically moved at the beauty of these building's and the age of them - How?
See I was really there!

A quick refuel at the cafe outside 
 cafe and Mille-feuille with Raspberries
This had taken up most of the day, so I've left the rest for when I return at the end of my holiday.
Hotel bound to rest my aching feet and get ready for dinner with an Insta pal Tifamade, you may of heard of her she has had mentions in many an Australian lifestyle/food mags. She makes delicious food which she delivers on the back of her bike all around Paris. So we meet had a bite to eat and talked and talked and talked (I think I may have done most of that talking - sorry Tif).
What's with the French and ciggies? It's the only thing I dislike about this city, I swear I feel like I smoked a packet of durries in the hour we were there. Everyone smokes!
On our walk back to Tif's bike we stopped for an ice-cream at The Smith's (Tif says it's the best ice-cream in Paris) and she does not lie, We both had salted Caramel and it was amazing - not to sweet almost burnt caramel flavour - delish!

©Michelle Schoeps 2013
All photos taken by Michelle Schoeps

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