Thursday, August 30, 2012

Arriving in Paris

Someone pinch me I'm really here!
I'm through the first day all by myself without even getting lost and only speaking five words of french!
Today is going to be even better...
I'm staying at a gorgeous little hotel called Hotel Saint Vincent in Saint Germain, my room (which I booked online) is not exactly what I was hoping for so I'll be moving today to the room with a view (or balcony at least).
Yesterday I started by walking down Boulevard Saint Germain and trying to find my bearing's, which for me is very hard as I have zero sense of direction! Everyone assured me I'd be fine and they were right I found my hotel, I had a meal all by myself at Brasserie Lipp - my lovely and very patient waiter tried to make me eat calf livers, but I politely refused. I struggled with my french (which I know very little).

After my late lunch I walked the streets in search of everything, I bought some chocolate's and fruit and then it was back to my hotel for a Perrier and bed.

 Flying in to France

 The drive to my hotel

 The most insane salted caramel buttery crunchy sticky pastry I ever did eat!

©Michelle Schoeps 2013
All photos taken by Michelle Schoeps


  1. Michi, I stayed at Hotel Aux Manoir, next door to cafe Lipp....make sure you go into that church of Saint Germain, it's quite a surprise, the oldest church in Paris. Make your way to Isle St Louis and have lunch there. So excited you're in Paris. Enjoy!
    By the way....You take great pictures!!!!! Marls Xxxx

  2. Thanks Marls. I can't believe we're so near but so far....have an amazing time too! love you xx