Friday, December 9, 2011

So while we're all showing off our Christmas's mine!

Not a year has gone by where we haven't had a real tree - until this year.
Max always whinges about the mess that the real ones make and how it's always dead when we get back from Melbourne and 'HE'(Max) has to clean it up! So this year Max got his wish(and might I just add that this year in Sydney would have been the perfect weather for a real tree as it's been freezing)anyway it was either no tree(because we're going to melb - on the 22nd!)or a fake one.
Fake it is!
I was after a white tree just like Heather's but then I remembered the ones in Papaya which I've had my eye on for years, so I bought one.
And how pretty does she look? 
The girls and I put all our favourite decorations on whilst Wilco looked on in absolute amazement, as we've found out he LOVES Christmas.
His favourite saying this week is "Santa going get me a BIG digger!"
Fingers crossed my sweet baby boy.


Then as is tradition in our house a Christmas movie before bed, followed by a Christmas story.

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All photos taken by Michelle Schoeps