Thursday, October 13, 2011

Happy Birthday Inés

Happy Birthday Inés
Lots of Love Frank, Mima, Wilco, Michelle, Max, Mazzy & Peanut

One of our favourite little girls is turning 8 this week. She is very special to our family but unfortunately she lives in Japan. So because we can’t be with her on her birthday we came up with an idea for me to bake something and then put it on my blog so she can bake it for her very own Birthday 'Tea party'.
This is for the gorgeous Inés
 Frank is very sad she can’t be with you but she’ll Skype you on the day!
Your Birthday presents is in the mail.
Lamingtons and Lamington Cupcakes
 as requested by Inés 
My 3rd attempt and might I just add,I've been making them all week!
I suck at making Lamington anything!
I followed a Delia Smith all-in-one recipe for sponge cake(cupcakes)then made the rest up which wasn’t very difficult.
Note to self:
The reason (Michelle) that you are making these a 3rd time is that you’re not very good at following instructions — live and learn!
Nessy I’d like to say I succeeded, but honey that would be a lie. I rushed again and stuffed it up once more.
If I were you I’d follow the recipe above Delia and put them into cupcake cases(adjust cooking time by half)
Then squeeze jam into the middle of the cupcake (after they are cooked) with some squirty device with a pointy end.
Then make you're icing and dip the tops of the cupcakes in the chocolate then straight into the coconut.
This is the easiest way
They tasted good it’s just that I’m a perfectionist and the sponge wasn’t perfect enough and the icing wasn’t smooth enough — but hey they tasted delicious.
For my icing I melted 100g of 50% dark chocolate with 1/2 cup soft icing sugar and a tablespoon of butter in a bowl over a little simmering water till smooth and glossy (and a pinch of salt)
Then I got my preservative free desiccated coconut and popped it in a bowl and started my dipping (Frank helped me with this)
Tell mummy you could make tiny ones in mini muffin trays — because they are very rich.

Happy Birthday Inés we love you and wish we could be with you tomorrow! (2 incredible kids were born this week)!

©Michelle Schoeps 2013
All photos taken by Michelle Schoeps
recipes by Delia Smith 

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