Monday, October 24, 2011

Might as well go out with a bang!

Party season in the Doyle household is officially over.

My biggest baby is 12! How the hell did time go this fast? It seems like yesterday this sweet baby girl was in my arms, all cuddly and edible and unable to speak. Yes, unable to speak!
Mothers of other 12 year olds will know what I’m talking about (12 is hard) but I know she’s going to pay me back (later on) by being the most wonderful adult.
Jemima and her favourite person in the world 
And lets face it this very gorgeous, spirited and funny kid is the reason our family is.
If it weren’t for her — nothing would be as it is!
Jemima and her cousin Jas
So for the big ‘12’ we decided to throw her an 80’s Karaoke Disco Party.
It was BIG. 50 kids and the best 80’s tracks ever (personally selected by me)!
Max was in charge of photo’s, Doug the barbecue, Josh, Renee, Malcie and Maurice were in charge of keeping the festivities in swing and making sure the boys were kept in line, Ilona was exceptional helping Jemima get her outfit together and making sure Frank shone in the limelight and not forgetting the incredible Justine who made my girls look beyond gorgeous (I hope my girls realise how lucky they are). And Aashy(my future daughter in-law)my son was putty in your hands, thanks for keeping him in line and for letting him have something pretty to chase all day!
Best outfit of the day besides the birthday girl went to Aunty Candice - that outfit was exceptional – I have never seen anyone look so bad but so good all in one — incredible!
The party was a huge hit and the food was pretty good to. We had sausage rolls (made by Melinda at Pedlar, she also supplied all the other meat), Mini hamburgers and chicken skewers all kindly cooked by Doug and served by my gorgeous girlfriends — who also helped me clean up — god I love having tidy friends.
I had contemplated making Jemima a croquembouche but reneged at the last minute - I had a feeling I’d bitten of more than I could chew. We decided we’d go the 'Messina'route(best ice-cream in Sydney) Ice-cream cakes all round – Jemima was thrilled as was I.
Three hours of dancing and eating was followed by a sleepover and a mass of present opening — whoa!
Presents from us
The day  before...whilst prepping for the party of the decade we celebrated Jemima’s actual birthday with her Nana and Granddad (who were visiting from New Zealand) and her Aunty Amanda 
The birthday girl requested ‘Fish Burgers’ for dinner and we did a quick trip to Adriano Zumbo for dessert.

The best and easiest 
Fish Burgers ever!
(adapted from a recipe by Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall)

All you need is:
As many rolls and pieces' of fish that you have people eating
Bap rolls (super soft cloudy buns)
John Dory fillets — skin removed
Best quality mayonnaise - or homemade(even better)
Salted capers rinsed really well
Chives – chopped finely
Iceberg lettuce
Salt and pepper
How to make:
Make your mayonnaise by rinsing the capers and chopping the chives, mix these into the mayo and squeeze half a lemon and pepper — mix well set aside

Then assemble your rolls — cut them in half and butter both sides (with real butter)
Wash and lay your iceberg lettuce on your rolls
Once this is done, pan fry your fish
Get your skillet really hot and then pop your seasoned fish in, two pieces at a time, cook until the first side is golden (a couple of mins) then flip once and cook for a further minute or two
On top of the iceberg place your fish and a large tablespoon of mayo - squish your bun down and see if you come up for air(I bet you don't) 
There are no words to describe how good these taste, they are simply insane.
Can you see how happy Jemima is after one mouthful? This is every age kind of happiness...
These were followed by an assortment of cakes from Adriano Zumbo...
I think turning 12 might have been Ok? 

©Michelle Schoeps 2013
All photos taken by Michelle Schoeps

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