Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Small & intimate cooking classes in my home

I've decided to do it. After much begging from my friends to teach them some of my sneaky tricks in the kitchen, I have finally juggled my family and found a few days each week in which I can hold cooking classes. I've booked our babysitter (my saving grace) Iva to watch the kids while I teach a small group of you how I feed my family!
We will make simple delicious healthy food that not only you will love, but the rest of the gang will love too!

These will not be classes where I show you how to make something look pretty on a plate (even though sometimes it will) my food is all about goodness, flavour and fueling our bodies and more importantly our children's growing bodies.

I'm starting small with two classes twice a week for a maximum of 5 people
Wednesday's from 11 - 2pm
Saturday's from  2 - 5pm
They will be held in my tiny kitchen in Paddington
Email me if you're interested and which day suits you better and I'll put you down on a list and then email you when I have 5 people for that class.

I would really love to doa class for teenagers/almost adults, so If your child is interested in food or if you want to give them some life skills in cooking, health and generally looking after themselves as they get older let me know.

The cost will be $130 per person (for adults classes) which will include hands on learning, tasting and taking home some of what we make, recipes and information of what we did on the day. The teenagers classes will be $50 for a two hour class at a time and date to be confirmed if any of them are interested.

The classes I will be looking at doing are:
Sweet treats
the benefits and uses of stocks
lunch time
kids dinners
slow cooks
stocking the freezer
frozen treats
foods for little growing bodies and brains
the basics of good nutrition for young growing minds and bodies

email me at mschoeps@aapt.net.au and I will forward all details on payments and dates when the first class will begin - make sure you tell me what it is you'd be interested in learning. Mx

©Michelle Schoeps 2014
All recipes and photos by Michelle Schoeps


  1. I would LOVE this, but sadly I live in Brisbane. I find you very inspiring and I am so happy I found your blog.

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  3. Good on you Michelle! Pete and the boys and I are coming through Sydney in September so I may just book in! Xx

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