Wednesday, March 21, 2012

The Studio + The School + Koskela + Kitchen by Mike = Heaven

This morning after dropping the kids to school I got a phone call from Max saying that he'd forgotten his cameras(which is not uncommon)and could I bring them to the studio(he is working down at a new studio/homewares/food joint in Roseberry) I'd been desperate to go down and check it out. As it turned out one of Max's assistants raced over to get his cameras(I obviously wasn't fast enough)which was good because I majorly lack navigation skills, so I had someone to follow and hence did not get lost on my way over to that neck of the woods - coming back was a completely different story!
Max was like, "Babe, you've got to check this place out it's amazing"(as he leads me into Koskela, past the catering by Kitchen by Mike)
His parting words being - "Don't spend any money babe!" Ha!, if you don't want me to spend money, why I ask, let me loose in a place like this?

I held it together in the spending department because it was to hard to concentrate on purchasing with Wilco doing wheelies on his scooter around the expensive wares - but I will be back and yes babe, I will spend money!
After trawling through Koskela we ventured into Kitchen by Mike to check out the food sitch.
Wilco found his spot on the front veranda, perched himself on a stool with a view of only a forklift and a scissor lift doing their thing, his lady of the moment 'Victoria' sitting next to him and he was happy - could have sat there all day. 
I'll also have to go back and experience lunch, all I ate was a meringue and some of Max's catering (which was delicious) but what I loved the most was with the way they served their drinks and those emanal plates - I have to have the pie dish set.
Can I just add, I'd even rate the bathrooms(and my kids seem to have an obsession with public toilets) anyone that knows me, knows that I despise all communal bathrooms - but these ones were very easy on the eye and super clean(kids we can hang out here!).
Mrs Megan Morton you have done good, this is one beautiful studio(slash)everything and because your gorgeous daughter just happens to be mates with my gorgeous daughter, I'm going to hit you for trade offs, you can teach my kid about making homey things look nice (or tidy would do)and I can teach your kid to cook?
Megan's in the process of setting up some crazy fun workshops for kids as we speak - I was getting the low down this morning(inside info) will keep you posted.
My kids will be there for sure and maybe there'll be lessons on how to make mess look stylish?
And hopefully Max will shoot there all the time, which will give me an excuse to visit regularly and drop some dough!
And I just remembered Megan is guest blogging over at the Design files - check it out here.

 Max's assistant Victoria kindly snapped these iphone photo's for me, but if you want the full experience go down and have a wonder around.
Photo's taken by Victoria Schommler 

©Michelle Schoeps 2013

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