Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Borlotti Bean and Prawn soup

I forced myself to buy these borlotti beans in the hope that I would find inspiration in something beside making my son shit in the toilet!
 Not that I'm avoiding my own blog, but my 'sweet adorable "ALMOST 3 YEAR OLD" - has me on my feet 24/7 with this F#$%@&! poo training. I'm sick of the sound of my own voice, (me) "Do you need to do poo?", "don't forget we only do poo in the toilet", "If you poo in your pants again I'm calling the police!"(Wilco) "Look at the man driving the digger!" (me) "That man driving the digger does poo's in the toilet, you can only drive a digger if you do poo's in the toilet!" over and over and over, this is our conversation, day in day out - I'm going out of my mind!!!! Really how hard can it be?  
I feel like if I turn my back for a second he's going to drop one and this nightmare they call toilet training is going to go on for the rest of my life! Ah..that feels better, got that off my chest - who needs therapy when you have a blog!
Borlotti bean and Prawn Soup
Kylie at the Organic fruit and veg at Fox studio's applied a little pressure my way so I would take off her hands the beautiful fresh Borlotti beans.
I thought why not - need inspiration, come on Michelle back on the wagon!
Max had bought himself a steak and was already for me to cook it for him when he saw me add prawns to what he thought was just a vegetable and bean soup - after all he's a man, he needs a bit more substance.
I measured nothing - so there are no exact quantities.
but this soup was heaven and so good for you.
Start by de-podding the Borlotti Beans - roughly 2 cups, maybe a little less
I started with some beautiful heirloom tomatoes that were almost turning. I chopped them into chunks and slow roasted them with rosemary, sage, basil, shallots, garlic, a pinch of chilli, salt and olive oil.
At 160c for about an hour - till they have intensified in flavour and are easy to mush up.
I removed the rosemary and then pushed the tomato mixture through a sieve, and was left with to cups of the most Divine tomato soup - set that aside.
I chopped very finely, celery (the heart + 2 stalks)
2 carrots
4 shallots or 2 small purple onions
1/2 a long green chilli and 1/2 a long red chilli (more if you like heat)
2 cups of chicken stock or water
2 cups of tomato puree (the way I made it or passata out of a bottle) - if you don't make it add some garlic and a handful of herbs to the soup when sauteing the veg
2 cups of Borlotti beans - fresh (if using dry ones soak overnight)
1/2 a bunch of something deep green and leafy - I used Cavalo Nero de-stalked and finely chopped
I can't remember the exact quantity of prawns - but they were uncooked, from my favourite fish monger (Barry -  from 'The One That Got Away') and there were lots!
Chives to garnish (and extra chilli for me)
Saute onions first until just catching a little colour, then throw in the other veg
Cook for a further 10 min - then chuck in the beans
Followed by the tomato and stock
Cook either on the stove top on a very, very low heat or in the oven at 170c for about 45min or until beans are cooked
Check seasoning - add salt and pepper
Next put in the cavalo nero, cook for another 10min
Then the prawns for another 5 min
Serve in large bowls garnished with chives
©Michelle Schoeps 2013
All photos taken by Michelle Schoeps
 and recipes unless stated made up by me


  1. I REALLY want to eat this for lunch... NOW! Looks divine x C

  2. Mish, you're so funny.... if it helps, just think you never see a 15 year old walking around with a nappy or pooh in his pants. So you know he'll 'get it' eventually.
    Yummy and tasty looking soup. Everytime I read your blog, I realise how much I miss cooking, I can't wait to start cooking again. It will just be about which one of your recipes I'll cook first. mmmmm can't waitx

  3. My friend recommended this blog to me and I love it! I also love borlotti beans but can never figure out what to do with them. Thanks for the lovely recipe, I can't wait to try this yummy soup :)