Monday, August 29, 2011

Not everyones Idea of comfort food - but definitely mine!

Brussel sprouts are out and about at the moment. They are perfect and round and super delicious and a really quick and easy dinner - the stars of the show!

We had them for dinner (Max & I) all on their lonesome straight out of the pan.

Brussel Sprouts with pancetta, potato and new season garlic
you need:
500g Brussel Sprouts

100g paper thin pancetta - chopped

2-3 cloves of garlic or you could use shallots

1 large potato - sliced thinly (see photo)

olive oil

salt & pepper

Clean your sprouts - mine were perfect and needed absolutely nothing done to them, but to be sliced in half

Slice your potato - (loving my 'Love Heart' potato I found at the market)

Chop your garlic 

Chop your pancetta

Start by frying the pancetta in a little olive oil, once crispy add the potato and garlic

After a couple of minutes throw in the Brussel sprouts give it a good stir, then pop a lid over the whole lot and let it keep cooking stirring every now and then - this will steam as well as brown your spud and sprouts

Cook for about 15-20mins - check potato & the Brussel sprouts are cooked - season with salt and pepper
Sprinkle with parsley (only if you want) and drizzle with good olive oil  
Then eat them straight out of the pan!

©Michelle Schoeps 2013
All photos taken by Michelle Schoeps


  1. Yum - although I would be making this without the pancetta as we don't eat pork but I reckon it would still be tasty and delicious. Isn't it amazing that there is a whole generation out there who haven't even tasted Brussels sprouts?

  2. Yes, it would be just as delicious without the pancetta and your right so many people were and are scared of brussel sprouts, its crazy they're missing out - there so delicious!

  3. What a lovely blog - found you via Heather Nette King's blog, I am not a huge foodie but do have to cook for my family and wish I was more of a foodie! I am also an illustrator and love anything that looks visually appealing - your blog ticks all those boxes - simple lovely recipes that look beautiful, thanks! Paula x

  4. Thanks Paula, your blog is also very beautiful. x

  5. Oh yes, these are SO good! We usually boil our sprouts for about 5 minutes beforehand, but aside from that we eat this regularly. Probably a little too regularly ... :-) Delish