Sunday, August 7, 2011

Jack n' Jill natural toothpaste

On Friday Kaye and I went along to the organic expo. I wanted a sticky beak at new products and any excuse to surround myself with organic food. 
Well I'd like to say it was everything and more than we expected, but if I did I'd be lying, it was terrible!
The last time I'd been was when I was doing O'Yum lunch. Corrine you'd remember when we went? It was great so many different suppliers and products to look at, this time nothing, except...

My family all use natural toothpaste - no sls (sodium lauryl sulfate) no added fluoride - no nasties.
This wasn't always the case, but slowly over time I have read so much on carcinogen's in our baby products, shampoo / conditioner and worst of all toothpaste that I could no longer turn a blind eye to the crap our kids unknowingly ingest. There is enough shit in the environment that we have no control over, but as parents we have to protect their little bodies by making the right choices on their behalf!

I ask you, have your kids always been able to gargle water and rinse their toothpaste out of their mouth?
Mine sure as hell haven't, Wilco still swallows his toothpaste even though he thinks he's spitting. 
If you've read up about the ingredients in your toothpaste, you'll not want your little people or big people ingesting that carcinogenic crap.
So when we saw this husband and wife in their little stall with this product I got super excited. 
It's about time we had something safe for our little ones - something with a taste little kids will love - and love my kids did!

They also do a bio-degradable toothbrushes that you can chuck in your compost bins.
Which reminded me when we were in L.A last year I became obsessed with these Preserve toothbrush's (from wholefood's) made from old yogurt cartons, all my friends received one on my return and they are recyclable and BPA free.
Anyway these toothpastes and brushes are yet to hit Sydney stores but if you like you can order online - I've been instructed by my kids to get all the flavours.

My only request to them is make an adult toothbrush and a mint flavoured paste (for slightly bigger people).

p.s Soph, I did have preserve toothbrushes for you but the kids nicked them. 
Will order some soon and promise to send to you x
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