Sunday, March 6, 2011

Back to reality!

I have no words

After the most beautiful birthday yesterday, it's back to reality!
But first a quick re-cap on the delicious things I ate yesterday.

Best breakfast ever..

The morning started with training followed by a trip to Carriage works market for my favourite breakfast, ‘Kylie Kwong’s’ steamed savoury pancakes with organic vegetables and organic egg followed by her steamed pork dumplings in ginger & tamari sauce – amazing!!! A couple of apples for Wilco from his favourite person, Rami and home we went for naps.

While mummy went for a facial up the road, my girls got busy in the kitchen making me a birthday cake (with no help from daddy, I might add). They did an incredible job, even if the cake didn’t rise it tasted delicious and the icing was a stand out (Jemima used the chocolate coconut butter and mixed it with icing sugar, and it was insane).

My Birthday cake made by my girls
 After a quick tidy up, I made the kids a few pizzas and got ready for my birthday dinner with Max.

Bubbles from Rochie

Heels on (shock horror! my girlfriends wont believe this, but yes, I wore my new Pucci’s and they were comfy!). Off we went to Sean’s Panaroma (my favourite restaurant ever) and had the most incredible meal.


I started with a cold tomato soup with burrata (which is like a buffalo mozzarella – but softer) and a kind of crouton with heirloom tomatoes – unbelievable!  
My main was the most tender piece of veal on an eggplant puree with onion rings and Max had pork cooked two ways with crackling and caramelised pears and a divine sauce – memorable to say the very least.
And finally the dessert – my favourite course by far. We shared a trifle which had a rhubarb jelly, rhubarb fool, ginger cake soaked with some kind of liquor and little candied rhubarb chocolates and the other dessert was baked plums, blackberries and grapes with a kind of crumble topping with a scoop of honeycomb ice-cream mmmmmmm…….


Anyway as I’m sitting here writing this, I am eating strawberries dipped in a little jar of honey that I bought home from our trip to LA last year. Where we were lucky enough to stay at the ChateauMarmont. The honey is French and the most delicious I have ever tasted, hence why I bought one back and kept it 'til my birthday to eat. Ahhh memories. 

Wilco making himself at home at the Chateau Marmont
©Michelle Schoeps 2013
All photos taken by Michelle Schoeps

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