Sunday, February 17, 2013

Well and truly back at school

My kids are back at school. YAY!
Personally I'm a fan,it means a little peace and quiet on the home front and finally time to get some work done!
Safe to say I'm over the holidays!

Even though I'm happy to have them back at school,what they eat through the school day is very important to me,as important as everything else I feed my kids.
I'm always looking for balance and food that will feed their energy levels and brain the whole school day.
Because my kids are at very different stages they need different kinds of food and they like different things.
My 13year old needs interesting flavoursome food that is high in good fats so she doesn't crave sugar and rubbish food that she sometimes sneaks from her friends.
My 9 year old loves supper healthy food,crisp sour flavours with a little treat of some description and the baby who's almost 4 gets what he's given and happily eats it all.
My kids lunches consist of a couple of pieces of fruit in summer and winter, seaweed - nuts for the oldest one(the little ones aren't allowed them at school),cheese, raw veggies or salad, sliced salami or ham or my homemade chicken stock in winter and a piece of cake,cookie,raw cocoa ball or healthy chocolate crackle (homemade of course).  And when it's really hot a frozen fruit juice or coconut water is always a winner.
Here are links to a few recipes on my blog that are perfect for school lunches and freeze really well.
buffalo mozzarella, avocado, tomato salad
Whole milk or sheep's yogurt with either fresh or frozen berries, passion fruit and if they're allowed chopped activated nuts and seeds
Remember all food needs to be kept cold with frozen ice bricks and a big insulated drink bottle, which is a must. BPA free plastic containers to store food in or better still glass ones.

©Michelle Schoeps 2013
All photos taken by Michelle Schoeps                                


  1. Thanks for the awesome food ideas and the great giveaway :)

  2. commenting :)
    such a yum giveaway!

  3. Thank you so much for the opportunity to win.
    As a mum of three young girls, I'm always on the lookout for organic products.
    My email is if I am lucky enough to win!

  4. oh noooo !
    i'm only french



    ps : can you please tell me where can i find these beautiful wooden plates with compartments you use ?

  5. My boys are thirsty little buggers so I am your girl! xx

    Love you, love your blog, want your life xx

  6. You know my gang always loves the things you give them!!!! xx

  7. Great way to top up fluids on very hot school days.. Mima often doesn't drink enough and gets cranky and headachy! Might be a good solution!!

  8. Great post honey. Love it. Soph xxx

  9. Thanks M for much needed lunchbox inspiration. As for the juices - yes please!!! X

    1. comment No.10 is the winner!!! That's you Jodi. Thanks for taking the time out to leave a comment.
      You have way more experience at these giveaways than me, may need some advice before I put the next one up. Can you send me your address and I'll get the juices sent to you. x

  10. I did it! It takes me so long to do this blog thingy I'm a shocker. =)
    But Mish you are amazing. I love the school lunches story. And pic's.

    Love Me x

  11. When are you writing a cookbook ?


  12. Thank you for your inspiration so simple!! We owe this lifestyle to our kids with all the nonsense food out thrre...x

  13. I love your photos, my daughter would love me to be that creative!!!

    Kim m

  14. Hi Michelle, this is exactly what young families and everyone in general need! Love the photography and your passion for healthy cooking = healthy fulfilling lives. Thanks , Jess

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