Sunday, July 8, 2012

The last of LA

If anyone that reads this blog hasn't realised by now, I'm all talk very little action. I promise shit and rarely deliver - story of my life!
It's only taken me a month to finish LA. 
So those of you who are still interested in what we did in LA, can read the next 3 days highlights here and look at the photo's 
This will be the final installment on LA.
Day 3 - 6 
The Highlights.....
A camera lesson while sharing our first burger and a beer
I wanted everything in this shop. In the end we bought the camera in the middle (the yellow Marc Newson Pentax).
Our last night at the Shangri-La we at Pepperoni & olive pizza, in bed watching movies.
The pizza was enormous and we ate every last bit.

My breakfast the day we left Santa Monica and before our bike ride to Venice
Saying goodbye to Venice Beach 
The big ride to Venice and what we saw on the way......
Scones and cookies - just like I remember at
Gjelina take away - so in love with the marble, and the food!

West Hollywood - Beverly Hills 
First stop, The Grove / Farmers Market - Incredible Mexican - another Goop recommendation

 Americans do everything a whole lot larger

 Breakfast most morning's at Joan's on Third
Buttermilk pancakes with a wod of butter and lashing's of maple washed down with iced coffee

Check out how it works here
Fries, fries everywhere - The little door

 Best honey in the world from the Chateau Marmont

Everything salted caramel
 Pizza on our last night. At a little place called Mulberry Pizzeria, another recommendation from Goop - Gwyneth doesn't lie, the eggplant pizza is to die for!(that's it on the bottom right corner).
Home to the troops and the very, zen Pen, not sure they missed us at all!
 L.A 2012 ©Michelle Schoeps 2013
All photos taken by Michelle Schoeps
 or Max Doyle

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