Monday, April 16, 2012

He is 3!

And then he was free!(3)
How is it possible you are so funny and clever, you're only 3! What will this year bring to the boy who is 3 going on 4.

Party in the park with all his friends and a couple of clowns
The things I know for sure are that there will be many a meltdown but that this will be all forgotten when you squeeze my ear whilst holding onto yours telling me how much you love me.
Jemima's family portrait
That you will become funnier with every sentence and every movement and that your daddy, mummy and sisters will love you and want to eat you even more as you grow bigger.
Such a poser - god I love that child!

That we will continue to hang out, just you and me all day long and have lots and lots of fun and get up to all kinds of mischief.
butter wouldn't melt
Just a few classic Wilco words and phrases of 2011/2012 were and are:
Mellymolen - watermelon
"I'm just touching your little nose mum, I like your little nose" - as he's squeezing my nose so hard I'm losing circulation.
Gorlicious Guillella - a.k.a My friend Daniella
G'day - a.k.a her husband Dave
"I like your boobs to much mummy!" - what can I say, that's what all the boys say!
getti - spaghetti
The Fam
"It's just ridickalis!" - it's just ridiculous!
Maccamole - (the color) brown and chocolate Almond milk
"The mystery just takes things" - His imaginary friend.
Abba-ka-dabba - "I just magic things"
crunchy - prickly
footcaft - footpath
Couldn't be loved or love them more - his beautiful, kind and caring sister - lucky boy
And his obsession and daily renditions of Rolling in the deep(by Adele),and I'm sexy and you know it,(thanks to his sisters piss takes).

My First boy cake was a hit - he could have cared less that it was a Dinosaur, he was just thrilled he had a cake and a party. 
And btw the chips and cheese tube things were the organic/natural ones from About life and I swear none of the kids could tell the difference.

We had a party in the park with two clowns, Papa, all of the people that he loves,the best icypoles ever, balloons and Dinosaur cake.

You are truly the sweetest boy and I can hardly believe you're all mine.x

©Michelle Schoeps 2013
All photos taken by Michelle Schoeps


  1. abba ka dabba do be do be dooo be. xxxx
    happy birthday little man. al x

  2. that was Uncle Al + Gussy... big kisses from us x Candy

  3. Adorable! Happy birthday to the cute kid. Ah! Time literally flies. We just celebrated my kid’s 7th birthday last week in one of the Los Angeles venues. I can’t believe my son is growing too fast. And I totally understand how you must be feeling right now. Anyways, God bless him, he is super-adorable.