Thursday, February 16, 2012

Plum Cake

Ok so I lied. I've been just as slack as I was through the holidays. 
Baby steps getting back into the blogging world - after all Mima's started high school and Wilco - well he's got to go to pre-school (Robert???)ASAP! Mother's of almost 3 year old boy will understand (and feel my pain),there is no rest!
I'm also trying to ween him off his massive 3 hour day time sleeps(when you burn so much energy you need to recuperate,so you can do it all over again)!And to make life just a little bit harder, I decided to get hard core with the toilet training, I like to call it 'cold turkey' toilet training.
 I'm taking no prisoners!!
That last one....failing miserably - by the way! 
I love that kid more than life itself, but man boys are daft when it comes to the simple task of using the toilet.
I'll never forget frank's pre-school teacher saying that girls use the toilet so easily because the thought of weeing or pooing in their princess knickers would just be devastating, boy's on the other hand (or maybe it's just wilco) will happily drench bob the builder and fireman sam without a second thought.
I'm pulling my hair out and at the same time googling cold turkey toilet training for boys and finding nothing?? 
So that's my life at the moment.Oh, and trying to workout how I can get to Italy? So while I day dream about Italy here is the Plum cake I made over the Australia Day weekend for the King family.I also made delicious Chicken Pot Pie, which I will post soon (there is a photo teaser below) actually the photo's are nothing on how good it smelt and tasted - do I lie Heather!
Plums are at their peak at the moment,you either like them soft and squishy or hard and crisp they're all delicious!
And what better cake than this to bring them out in all their glory....and so easy.
Follow my Apricot Sherbet Cake recipe and just swap apricots for plums - as simple as that!
I also purchased this square spring form tin which is a godsend for demoulding
And out she comes looking something like this........
Did I mention that Chicken Pot Pie? Oh my Lord it was amazing!!!
And this is what my kids have been snacking on most afternoons - and I'll soon be snacking on 24/7, minus the fruit. Yep, you guessed it, it's time for my seasonal cleanse.
Which means I'll be eating alot of these beauties(below)

©Michelle Schoeps 2013
All photos taken by Michelle Schoeps


  1. No, you do not tell a lie. The pie killed me. And Jem. I can still taste it....
    Tell me again why I am no longer your neighbour???

  2. Hi Michelle, newish to your blog, I love it! Wanted to tell you that I cooked this plum cake yesterday and it was a big hit in our house, thank you! (I linked to it in my blog I hope you don't mind) Up next, the orange and cinnamon teacake! Thanks again, looking forward to cooking through more of your recipes, take care, Kellie