Saturday, November 19, 2011


I'd like to introduce you to the newest member of my family......
(that would be the hot pink metallic kitchenAid below)
Yes, some of you who know me will be saying, "Wasn't that the name of the daughter she thought she was pregnant with, before Wilco popped out?" and yes they'd be right. 
On Thursday my newest baby arrived on my door step and I thought it only fitting that I name her. 

After all she's so gorgeous she deserves a pretty name...and because I'm not having anymore kids, she gets the name I would have called my next daughter.
Oh my god, how I love you!
(and you don't answer back or wear nappies)

The story goes something like this....
Me:"OMG babe...come here!", "Accoutrement has special addition kitchenAids!"
Max:"Babe, don't you already have a white kitchenAid?"
Jemima:"DAD!!watch out mum's seen a hot pink metallic kitchenAid - she can't buy it, she's already got one!"
Me: "OMG, OMG!!!"

Max:"Don't even think about it babe.Unless you sell the one you've already got, there's no way you can buy another one!"
Next day a text goes out to all my girlfriends asking/begging that someone buys my beautiful year and a half old white one, because there's a hot pink one with my name on it?
I visit my friend Dee the next day....
Dee:"Honey, I'd love it but I can't pay you right away?"
Me:"Ever heard of Lay-by?"
Me:Jumping up and down - "YAY, YAY!!!"

I ring Max..."Want to hear the good news babe?"
Jemima:"God Dad, I can't believe it - sucked in again!"
Me:"I'd like to buy the Hot Pink Metallic KitchenAid!"

And that is how Tabitha arrived. And might I just add the girls squealed when they saw her almost as loud as their mother.
Tomorrow I will post how we spent our first day together and the magic we created.

©Michelle Schoeps 2013
All photos taken by Michelle Schoeps


  1. All of a sudden I hate my ice blue one! She is heavenly Mich. Still think you should have another baby though!

  2. Omg Mich. The passcode I just had to type in to leave the previous comment was Preger - it's a sign! Hx

  3. She's beautiful!

  4. Ha,ha,ha...were you suprised? Where there's a will there's a way - not like me to give up without a fight. xx
    Thanks melly, she is a princess! xx

  5. so currently deciding which colour i want for one of my wedding presents. i was struggling thinking it was a life-long decision, but i now see it doesn't have to be!

  6. exactly. They will always get a good price on ebay if you take care of it (her).
    But the new colours are so beautiful and I'm also in love with the pastel range.

  7. Hi Michelle - wow you will be one of the 1st to have one in Australia - they were only just released November 1! Guess what, they are not special is the new Platinum Collection! 8 new delicious metallic colours now with glass bowel and flex edge attachment and more - available ongoing :-) New blender in 5 of the colours available very soon! Raspberry Ice is a great choice - and love the name. Enjoy!

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