Sunday, September 25, 2011

How do you take your coffee?

If only it were that easy….I'm what you call, ‘High maintenance’ when it comes to coffee drinking.
 Max refuses to order me coffees  - “I’m too fussy” he says, or is it just that I like things a certain way?
Not long ago I had decided to give up coffee, (my 2 coffees a week) because they always gave me a tummy ache and made me speed off my eye balls. And then on the occasion I did have one, they were never hot enough or the person making them just didn’t make it the way I liked it so I'd chuck it - what a big waste of money!

The only place that will put up with my coffee bullshit is‘Ruby’s Diner'. Ed has known Max and I since he opened the doors many years ago (we lived across the road for a very long time) and now when I venture down to my old digs to get a coffee, Ed asks, “What will it be this week Michelle?” (with the odd roll of the eyes).
Over the years my coffee choices have ranged from, macchiato extra froth,  ¾ skim latte, ¾ soy latte (this is until I realised soy was poison),  extra hot ¾ latte,  extra hot cappuccino, extra hot ¾ mocha, extra hot ½ cappuccino extra chocolate extra hot…oh, I also recall bringing my own milk and sugar in - shesh, no wonder everyone’s pulling their hair out!
Well you’ll be happy to know I have now found a coffee that I love and will drink throughout the summer and maybe even the winter too.
I visited Ruby’s at the start of the week, still (off the coffee wagon) but feeling particularly tired (thanks to the smallest member of my family playing musical beds) needing caffeine desperately (a muffin for Wilco) to get me through my day.
Ed gave me that look, to which I responded smugly, “Today I’d like a ½ cappuccino extra hot?” very patently he say’s “It’s Ok, Michelle I like my coffee a certain way too!”
(Ok, lets feel pity for the nut job who can’t make up her mind about which coffee she likes or if she likes coffee at all?)

Then I proceeded to ask (beg) Ed if he could please make an iced coffee or iced tea for summer – he stopped me dead in my tracks and said “Have you had a cold drip?”, I was like “shit yes!”. That was my favourite way to have coffee on our recent trip to L.A (Trails Café? With agave – yum!) I had heard he was doing it but had not been down to try it out. He gave me a tester and that was it – I was hooked! Cold drip coffee straight out of the icy cold fridge, no milk with real vanilla sugar syrup (just a teaspoon full) to sweeten it, over ice – HEAVEN!!!
And I haven’t looked back since.
Actually I’m kind of addicted, it’s so refreshing and not bitter like normal hot coffee (has something to do with the filtering, I’m told).
Now I’m dreaming of my own cold drip filter so I can make cold drip coffee icypoles or cold drip granita (slushies) for the summer.
Ed I’ll see you tomorrow for my usual.

By the way cold drip is not a brand of coffee it’s a process of making coffee at room temp in one of these machines.

By the way “Ruby’s” do a great many other things, my two fav’s are the burger and those muffins… the Orange and cinnamon ones ?(Hint, hint, nudge, nudge!!)

I already want another one…..
Ruby's Diner
173-179 Bronte Rd
                         ©Michelle Schoeps 2013
                                                        All photos taken by Michelle Schoeps

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