Thursday, June 16, 2011

This visit I ate with the usual suspects and with those I ate a lot!

The week has been big and long and is still going...........

My life for the moment is a little tied down by our school tuckshop (hence why there has been few posts), and I've promised myself to it for the rest of term.
But last weekend I made the journey down to my home town of Melbourne for one of my best girlfriends' 40th birthday party.
Four days in Melbourne to eat, shop and play with my nearest and dearest - only one child (Frank) and a hotel room, what else does a girl need?!

My beautiful niece Grace who can eat more than all of us put together

My bestfriend with whom I can and did eat my weight in ice-cream - you've always been a bad influence on me!
This girl needs food and Melbourne did not disappoint! Coming home for me is in many ways hard work… many people to see and catch up with and so many place I have to eat at - there's never enough time.

This visit I ate with the usual suspects and with those I ate a lot!
And there were many food highlights, which I will try and recreate over the coming weeks.....
Crispy salmon nori rolls
Fish Tacos
Jock's ice-cream
Rhubarb bomba

Leo and the love of his life 'Frank', what can I say he's got good taste in women!
Points to-self for future trips to Melbourne…..
1.Take the family - it feels totally unnatural to be without the madness that is my family.
2. Don't eat like you'll never see food again… always come home wider than you left.
3. Remember to pay off the credit card before leaving and check that your eftpos card is in your wallet and has not been removed by little fingers.
4. Never book red-e tickets - again!

As much as I missed my other two kids - the welcome home was so worth it!

My godson, bless his sweet heart and please continue torturing your father.
©Michelle Schoeps 2013
All photos taken by Michelle Schoeps

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