Saturday, April 30, 2011

The perfect rainy day!

My favourite kind of day is one when the rain is heavy; the girls are quiet and cosy watching Brady Bunch re-runs snuggled together on the couch; the baby sleeps long and hard; I have a pile of food mags and new cook books ready to read, whilst a pot of soup slowly bubbles on the stove.
This weekend all my wishes came true!


                 This is my favourite soup for a cold rainy day and cold and rainy Sydney has definitely been

You’ll need:

1 ½ kilos of corn off the cob about 8 large cobs of corn – de-kernaled

Before and after

1 litre of stock (chicken or pork) or water

Garlic – I like about 4 – 5 cloves

A handful of rosemary and sage

25 g butter and a little olive oil

Pinch of chilli

Milk – about 250ml, add this after the soup is finished to thin it out

Cream – to serve as much or a little as you like

Chives - to serve as much or a little as you like

Bacon crumbs – at least a tablespoon per bowl (I would have more)

Brown rice – optional

 To make:

Melt your butter in a heavy based pot and gently fry your garlic and rosemary for a couple of minutes

Add your corn kernels and cook with the garlic for a further 10 min

Then add your stock – Chicken or pork, which is what I used only because I have a freezer full. As you can see mine was frozen, not ideal but it worked just fine (usually I’d just use water)

Once the stock melted and started coming up to the heat, I added a handful of sage

Cook for about 45min – 1 hour

Let the soup cool slightly before blending and sieving it

1. plain                                     2. cream                                       3. chives & bacon                               
 Once you pushed it through a sieve, with the help of a wooden spoon – (this is to remove all the fibres from the delicate creamy soup) and put back in it’s pot, add your milk and extra seasoning if needed and bring up to temp again

Serve with cream, bacon crumbs, chives  - a must!

Optional extras that are delicious – a little brown rice or delicious bread rubbed with garlic and oil

©Michelle Schoeps 2013
All photos taken by Michelle Schoeps

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