Sunday, March 27, 2011

Sunday Morning's

Sunday mornings….

It’s Sunday again and this morning as happens on many Sundays, we have extra tummies to feed.
Mima had all her girlfriends from school over for a sleepover last night.
Avocado facials, homemade pizza…too many lollies, finished off with a nightcap of hot chocolate with cinnamon. 
I’m sure there wasn’t any sleep before midnight, but hey you're only 11 once!

So this morning as happens every Sunday, of every week, Max makes his world famous pancakes (crepes) and they are hands down the best pancakes I’ve ever had!
(Actually they are on parr with my Aunty Marika’s, she also makes a mean pancake).

So this morning Max is cooking pancakes for Mima, her friends and Wilco.
Served with a raspberry smoothie (made by me) and toppings of their choice…Nutella, Apricot jam, Maple syrup, Maple & lemon or Lemon & sugar.

I will be writing this as I photograph Max making them, so hopefully I can keep up!
There are few things I can’t cook…or won’t! And this is one!
It’s almost like my brain is programmed to stuff it up – scared that Max will pass the duties on to me.
So I am banned from the kitchen on Sunday morning’s, which suits me just fine – sleep in for me – cleaning the kitchen and making pancakes, Max.

But this morning I had to get up to photograph the master at work and help out with the troops.

His batter will feed a family of 5, 2-3 pancakes per person and a little batter left over for the kids breakfast on Monday morning.

Max’s recipe goes like this:

3 cups of flour (plain organic)

½ teaspoon fine salt

3 large eggs (organic of course)

3 cups of milk (whole or milk of choice)

75g unsalted butter – melted on a low heat – leave to cool

The batter should resemble thin pouring cream – he tells me.

How the batter should look

First he siffs the flour in a bowl with the salt...

Then the eggs go in...

Followed by the milk...

Then the melted butter...

Whisking at each step

Make a mess!

With a little help from Wilco (usually it’s Frank but she’s not home).

He tells me the mixture isn’t runny enough, so he adds 1½ glasses of water.

The master at work
Now he gets his crepe pan to just the right temp – this really just comes with practice. (by the way, we bought him his pan for Christmas, because the master needs the right tools to produce the goods and boy does he produce!)

You’ll have to follow my photo’s now because it all goes so fast and I’m in charge of topping and serving the pancakes.

What I know is he uses a ladle which is his exact measurement for the amount he needs per crepe, he puts a little butter on the hot pan and disperses it with a paper towel around the pan evenly, then laddles on his mixture uses his crepe tool (see above)to spread the batter and waits for the signs that it’s cooked – which is when he moves it about then flips it, all upthey cook for a minute or two.
Then on to the plate…repeat!

(can I just say, you don't need to go and buy that spreader thing he has, just swirl the mixture around your pan - it will work just the same - this is how max has done it for the last 10 years)

Maple & Lemon

The perfect pancake

To accompany the pancakes I made the girls a Raspberry Smoothie, which even my milk and yogurt loathing daughter, Frank, will drink.

Today I made enough for 6 – I used:

4 glasses of whole unhomogenised milk

4 tablespoons of Marrook maple/vanilla whole yogurt

4 tablespoons of honey, agave or maple syrup

2 cups frozen raspberries (or any frozen fruit – measurements don’t need to be exact)

Put it all in a blender and wiz till smooth (my blender broke, so I used a food processor which worked fine)

The girls had 2 glasses each and Wilco had 1.

Max blended a raw egg in the leftover, so he also had a large glass full.

Everyone is now super full and happy, ready for Frank’s first soccer match ever.

©Michelle Schoeps 2013
All photos taken by Michelle Schoeps


  1. Well if you come up and visit your goddaughter, I'm pretty sure Max will make you some!! x