Sunday, January 2, 2011

Hello !

My beautiful baby boy Wilco

Hi I'm Michelle Schoeps. I am a mother and lover of all things edible, and healthy.
I am passionate about feeding my family organic healthy delicious home cooked food.
I have three children, Jemima 11, Frankie 7 and baby Wilco 20 months and they all have very different tastes when it comes to their meals ...
Jemima and Wilco will pretty much eat anything, at least once. But Frankie, my middle child is sooooo... very fussy. She will not eat anything messy, like a ...sauce of any description on pasta or anything else — actually I lie she will have my chocolate sauce on ice cream — but that’s it! She lives on my chicken soup (Or as it’s known in our house Jewish Penicillin – taught to me by my Aunty Marika) with tiny weeny pasta and chicken in it, steak cooked to perfection (a little pink) and salad. She will eat any lettuce — and she will eat a lot of it with her favourite dressing. She will eat only raw veggies — with the exception of broccoli, which she like’s cooked. She will eat my schnitz, chicken, veal or fish with lemon and yes the dreaded tomato sauce. Rice with soya sauce is always a hit, and of course my pizza. But that is it!
But if mummy hasn't cooked it - don't expect her to eat it. I’m sure you’re all feeling my pain. Who doesn't know a fussy eater or have one of their own? It can be really hard work, but I am dedicated to the health of my children and I will comply.
I have always loved food — growing up with European parents, a German father a French mother and a Hungarian Aunt, I have been brought up to love and appreciate food from many different cultures.
And for the record, I was a fussy eater too.
The change came when I fell pregnant with Mima.  Max would encourage me to try and eat organically for the sake of our unborn child. And there began my obsession (to put it mildly) of feeding my children the very best I could possibly feed them. By first breast feeding them all for lengthy times (I’m still going with Wilco) and making sure that I made the best food choices possible for their growing bodies.
As I am finding out, as they grow up, they need to start making choices for themselves and hopefully all that hard work you've put in the early years will pay off later in life.

Which is why I've decided to do this blog! Hopefully, parents, carers and grandparents (even older siblings) can look at my blog and get some ideas for meal times that are healthier options, but still really yummy. I will also share my time saving techniques and any helpful tips I have learnt along the way.

Anyway here goes with what I should have started 12 years ago — enjoy!

p.s Thanks Heather for giving me the much needed kick up the bum to get this baby rolling . Love xx

My Dad

The gang with their Papa

Berry Organic Farm

picking up produce for our holiday on the south coast


My Girls

Our family

The whole Family

Eating - what we do best 

Mama and her girls 
Frank and Mima

Mima making anzac cookies in Aunty Soph's Kitchen

Wilco's 1st Birthday

Mummy cutting the first cake I ever made him

Wilco loves my icypoles, especially when he's cutting teeth
cheeky boy !

He likes his food
with mazzy our dog

Frank's favourite Chicken soup

Avocado finished

In front of mummy's cook book collection

Me and my boy

The first time Wilco said apple

Mama and her other baby

Having a laugh with Mima
Mima's pedlar parade at school, she made organic cupcakes with raspberry icing they were a hit 

Christmas 2009
All photo's are the property of Michelle Schoeps
©Michelle Schoeps 2013 


  1. Well done Mich! It's beautiful. Can't wait for the recipes to start rolling out. I will never have to think what to make for dinner again!


  2. Dearest Michy and tribe,
    Firstly, Happy New Year and secondly, good on you. What a great idea and what beautiful photos!
    I'm with Heather, get those recipes and that info rolling.
    Much love
    Ally x

  3. Well done, you clever thing... I am so proud of you. Keep up the good work. Lots of love Glen (Nana)

  4. Wish we were there to eat it with you...not only do you do great food, but you can dish up a great chat as well...we miss it all!!! Feels like we are right there with you ...beautiful blog and fab photos Mima. Love Claire +4 xxx (and a special xx from I to F)

  5. Thanks for all the positive feedback, I'm really happy you all like the blog.
    It was always going to happen, I just like to take my time ! Anyway many more recipes on the boiler, so let me know what you think . xxMich