Friday, January 14, 2011

Confessions of a foodshopaholic.....

We finally decided it was time to get our lazy butts out to see a movie or two. I booked the babysitter. Who arrived at six, and by that time I had cooked three different meals, had one extra kid staying over, and was in dire need of a shower- but no time! Max was already at the cinema ready for our- cram two movies into one date night.
Thank god he has a girlfriend who likes to come prepared!
After dropping the kids off to music and then picking them up earlier in the day, I made a few pitstops to my favourite speciality food stores to pick up supplies for the movies:
1. Organic clotted cream fudge - insane!!!
2. Belle De Fleur salted caramel chocolates- to die for!!
3. Salted caramels - no words. I told you I have a sweet tooth!
4. A purdey's for me and a beer for Max.
First movie sorted!
Blue Valentine - by the way was one of the best films we have ever seen.
A short journey down the road to see our second film.
I made us a butter chicken curry, slow cooked with chicken thighs, which just melted in your mouth and perfect jasmine rice for dinner.
Served in the baby's Thermos and then finished off with Coriander eaten in the cinema, watching a bad film - perfection!
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